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honibee® is a trademark of InovEight Systems Limited, It was registered in 2015, under relevant Nigerian laws for honey farming, packaging and bi-products processing. honibee products are NAFDAC and NEPC certified.

OUR HONEY- Our honey comes from the woodland forest of Adamawa region in the North-eastern part of Nigeria that borders with Republic of Cameroun and from the Falgore forest of the North western part of Nigeria. It is dark amber in color rich in flavour tropical forest honey, it is unpasteurized, gravity filtered, antioxidant and micronutrient rich that is free from chemicals.

OUR PROCESSES - We operate aprocesses that ensures quality at every stage, we harvest our honey only when the moisture quantity is at 17% and package our product using qualitative packaging materials and ISO certified filling machines.

OUR GUARANTEE - We offer 100% money back guarantee for any deficiency in quality or purity on all our product offering.


Honibee® Premium - it comes in 9 Premium bottles of 520grams, of premium quality honey, available in pure form or infused with garlic / moringa / ginger. Price N11,000 per carton

Honibee® Affordable - it comes in 120 Affordable sachets of 20ml of premium quality honey, ideal for one cup. Price N8,000 per carton

Honibee Customised - Our premium quality honey, can be tailored to customer specications for usage in hotels, receptions, gift sets and lots more. Price NEGOTIABLE

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We are located at: No. 35 Zoo Road, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria

+234 814 222 2229; sales[at]honibee.com.ng

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